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August 29th, 2014




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Introduction to Lingerie


Introducing Miss Kathy's Lingerie Collection.

     Who doesn’t love lingerie? Miss Kathy certainly does, but shopping for it can be a nightmare. You'll enjoy a very pleasurable experience at Miss Kathy’s Lingerie Collection, all you need to know about lingerie plus the opportunity to shop at your leisure. Don't forget to the visit the specials page and check out the lingerie available to purchase.

      Lingerie by definition means women’s underclothes which are worn under other clothes especially next to the skin. Night-clothes which are any garments worn in bed also come under the umbrella of lingerie. That’s a pretty wide definition; this can incorporate literally anything as lingerie. Bras and panties, camisoles and nighties, stockings and suspender belts and so much more, everything a woman could want.

      Everyone and every body should enjoy lingerie for how it makes you feel. For young or old, big or small, modern or classic, who ever you are lingerie shopping should be a pleasurable experience. In today’s society each to their own and anything goes means there is something for everyone. Lingerie doesn’t necessarily have to be all practical and functional, wearing occasional or romantic lingerie is good the spirit; lingerie gifts are a token of intimacy and intimate apparel represent images of romantic luxury.

      Here you have an extensive range of lingerie and with the use of the internets great marketplace power there is bound to be something for everyone. Either shopping for yourself or for a gift, information found here can help clarify and simplify your lingerie purchase. From sexy and exotic to practical and functional the choices are endless.


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