Beauty of dawn brings no bliss

 Mother Nature’s inspiring work of art

Arriving with sadness, for something is amiss

My love, my heart you must depart.

 As surely as the sunlight creeps upon us,

Travel swift and safe my love, my heart

Return only when starlight transforms the dusk.


By Miss Kathy



   “Aubade” has a French origin reaching back to the Middle Ages; implying a song or poem evoking or greeting the dawn, usually addressing lovers who must part with the coming dawn, representing unsatisfied or forbidden love. Imagining such a poem or song you have to think of lingerie, a must for any seduction.

      Aubade the lingerie brand has a long history in corsetry with a passion for the female form Aubade creations are based on creativity, sensuality, glamour and complicity. Through their use of delicate lacy fabrics, crafted designs, embroidery and superior construction. Everything a woman could want from her lingerie.

     Aubade bras are a French symbol of elegance and refinement,  a product for ones pleasure and that of others, always looking for new technical innovations and discoveries making their products stylish yet comfortable for the wearer.

    Aubade is a top quality lingerie brand that produces some of the very finest pieces a woman can own a must for the serious lingerie collector.

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