Babydoll is a style that is fitted at the bust with a flowing skirt from under the bust line found as nightwear, or dress designs particularly popular for maternity wear. Babydoll is a more whimsical than straighter emperor line style.

The name “Babydoll” is also thought to come from a 1956 movie of the same name and similar to other fashion trends influenced by the silver screen, the Babydoll became a lingerie staple. The Babydoll is also another example of lingerie influencing outerwear designs.

 Popular during the 1960’s with a neckline similar to camisoles, Babydolls were usually decorated with gathers, ribbons, bows or eyelet lace. Matching knickers similar to frilly panties or bloomers in varying lengths and styles were later added for modesty. Babydoll dresses and nightwear are very common for baby girls as the prettiness and frilliness gives an appearance of a living doll. In adults this same innocent look can be very appealing. Just as on the flip side using lacy see through fabric with a matching G-string and the look is very sexy and erotic.

 Babydolls today come in various fabrics, colours, style and sizes.  As it is loose fitting and sleeveless Babydolls are great for summer nightwear or seduction. A very versatile piece of lingerie the design can be tweaked to produce any sort of look you may need. The bust on a baby doll can be similar to a bra with just as many variations: spaghetti straps; underwire; padded; cut out; plunge cleavage and more. Lengths vary from belly button to thigh or for modesty purposes lower again. However Babydolls usually have a high sex appeal; with most of the legs exposed and emphasis on the breast  - sometimes to the point of exposure -  moving them away from negligees and nighties category into their own.

 Lace, sheer, chiffon, satin, silk, mesh or voile each fabric are perfect for the Babydoll design as they are light, tactile and free flowing. Leather is another option though it may not be as luxurious or opaqueas other fabrics but it could be just as seductive.

 Matching knickers and Babydolls are usually sold as set; robes of the same material can also be added for more coverage. Women of any shape or size can enjoy wearing a Babydoll with confidence; because of their flexibility they will flatter all body types.

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