A stocking for the body, hugging curves and revealing body parts, made from materials similar to stockings and pantyhose - a bodystocking is basically what it says it is. An extension of the popular 70’s leotard, bodystockings are usually a sheer close-fitting one-piece garment for the torso that often has legs and/or sleeves. Sometimes related to a unitard or bodysuit, the bodystocking is more related to lingerie as it is its nature to be sexier, erotic and revealing.

 Just as stockings come in varying styles, materials, textures and transparency so too do bodystockings. Cuts and designs for bodystockings include: spaghetti strap, halter, tank, suspender, v-back, v-neck, footless, long sleeve, striped, coloured, and printed.  The materials include mesh or net which varieties include industrial, fish, and fence designs; lace; sheer; Lycra; and opaque.

 Sheerness or opaqueness determines the appropriateness and function of a bodystocking. The sheerer and finer bodystockings are more for lingerie purposes as it does not provide much coverage - better worn under other clothes or in private for a romantic interlude. Opaque bodystockings are less revealing and can pass for an outfit or part of an outfit - such as combining it with a skirt, leaving the top of the bodystocking exposed. Keep in mind both are figure hugging which can be equally sexy and revealing of shape.

 Knickers or panties are optional under a bodystocking as most are designed to replace underwear, though knickers or panties may provide comfort, depending on some styles. Extra breast support can be achieved with an added built-in bra or the fabric used. Crotchless bodystockings are an option for practical and amorous purposes. Considered to be an erotic garment, bodystockings provide a sensation similar to that of slipping on a silky pair of stockings or wearing fishnet stockings over most of your body.

 Visual and tactile senses are pleasured by bodystockings giving the illusion of nudity while being clothed. The body’s curves are touchable with an added tactile sensation from the material while being concealed from direct contact or vision providing a sense of eroticism. A bodystocking has the advantage of providing versatile sexy hosiery wearable for day or evening. A disadvantage would have to be the inconvenience, as layering of clothes can hinder quick removal and access. This would be where crotchless or snap crotch bodystockings are preferable. Whatever your desire or attire there is a bodystocking to fit your needs.




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