Most women somewhere in their lives have worn a pair of male underpants, either by accident or because of a lack of alternative and found them comfortable but ugly. Thus the concept of the boyshorts was created. Resembling men's briefs or hipster, they are anything but masculine. They differ from average knickers by sitting lower on the hips and having more width so they end lower down the leg. Usually covering most of the buttocks area, and cut to go all the way down your hips providing better coverage and comfort yet still remaining sexy. Usually made from a blend of cotton/spandex with reinforced seams and a no-roll waistband and hems they don’t have to be boring as they can have ribbon and bows, lace trim, made from sheer fabric or crotchless, plus many other feminine touches.

 Boyshorts first became popular in the late 1990s among teen girls and female college students. Does anyone remember “His pants for Her”? The original concept was ideal for thin short torsos as they optically elongate the middle part of the body by sitting low on the hip. For the mature woman they are the perfect everyday alternative to traditional "granny panties" as they are less prone to ride up, and offer comfortable coverage under clothes. When choosing boyshorts like other clothes items the fuller figure woman needs to pay attention to detail as the pattern and material could make a bum look bigger, it’s a good idea to avoid frilly boyshorts.

 Boyshorts are fun, flirty and they just plain feel good comfortable with the added advantage of being more forgiving of your shortcomings and make your bum look great. This same comfort and coverage also compete with the thong or G string for the all important no visible panty line category. Though not as skimpy they can be just as sexy and racy in lace, mesh or sheer materials molding to rounded bottoms.

 They are also popular teamed up with a camisole or a cute tee and worn around as loungewear. Just like other panties boyshorts can be part of a set with matching bra or cami, great for sleepwear or under any outfit, providing style but keeping comfort. Made in a variety of styles, fabrics and patterns they can be super sweet, crazy sexy and undeniably unique to suit almost every taste. 



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