Bridal Corsets

Bridal Corset 

There is just something so naughty and nice about the thought of a snug fitting sexy corset under the most beautiful dress you will ever wear, a wedding gown. The wedding dress is supposed to represent purity and innocence yet a corset is just pure sex appeal and raunchy.

 Corsets were originally designed to exaggerate the bust and hips, narrowing the waist with an optional garter attached to hold up stockings.  A bridal corset is in theory no different from a normal corset, only it is selected for a specific outfit and the special day it will be worn, namely a wedding dress and wedding. Like most things once you mention wedding or bride watch your budget as either of these two words usually add expense.  

 Choosing a bridal corset to wear under a wedding dress can provide additional support and shaping to the bridal gown, particularly for the strapless style gown. As a rule of thumb when selecting any lingerie for a specific outfit always aim to minimize bulk and discomfort. Preferably wearing the bridal corset for dress fittings, just as you would with shoes, giving a whole picture to the final ensemble. Also just like wearing in new shoes before the wedding it is a good idea to get used to the corset before the big day.

 An added bonus or incentive to opting for a bridal corset is the wedding night and honeymoon. The imagery of a corset brings to mind ideals of passion, sexiness, beauty and glamour and what bride or bridegroom for that matter, wouldn’t want that for their first night as husband and wife. Though a bridal corset can have a dual purpose and use, as its primary role is to accentuate the wedding gown, colour and shape should also be taken into account.

 There is nothing worse than seeing a woman wearing a beautiful outfit only to have the look let down by the wrong choice of lingerie.  As with all bridal lingerie, select the right piece to complement your wedding gown and body type. To do otherwise could end up spoiling a very special day. Ensure everything fits properly and comfortably, keeping in mind the day’s length, stresses and demands. There is nothing worse than a bride being cranky just because her shoes hurt or her bra keeps slipping.  

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