Bridal Lingerie

Bridal lingerie is just what it says. Lingerie selected for a specific outfit and day, namely a wedding and the bride gown. And just as selecting any lingerie, comfort, style and person preference should be taken into account. Don’t forget budget, like most things as soon as you mention wedding the cost can expand. If your taste and budget allows there is a wide choice of lingerie to complement your wedding dress and personal taste.

Selecting lingerie specifically for a wedding gown should add support and shape to a wedding dress complimented with colour and style. A close fitting gown would warrant a g-string or thong to avoid a distracting panty line. A strapless dress calls for a strapless bra or corset. Bridal lingerie usually consists of a corset; bustier; basque or matching bra and panty set. What ever your choice, fit and comfort are a must.

Stockings shouldn’t be forgotten either, for most women pantyhose are the norm, but stockings are more appealing for weddings. If stockings are the go, a garter can be added to the lingerie ensemble either as a separate or attached to a corset. When thinking of sexy legs a garter is a standard wedding outfit prerequisite. A garter can be a personal design or purchase, again reflecting a bride’s personality; in most incidents they are blue to represent the something blue of a bride’s trousseau.

When selecting bridal lingerie if you already have a wedding gown, it is a good idea when trying on the lingerie, to take the dress along and test the two together. Preferably select the lingerie first keeping in mind the gown style you opt, for then wear the special lingerie to the fitting sessions. The combination needs to be united, and cohesive to present a flawless well turned out beautiful bride.

Some brides also like to have a going away out fit and or a special honeymoon ensemble; this is another opportunity to get decked out in “special occasion lingerie”, creating a romantic mood and feelings of sexiness. However if budget restraints prohibit this, select your lingerie to accommodate the wedding day and night. With this dual role take in consideration the days demands, lengths and stress, but don’t for get to enjoy yourself. Another good thing about purchasing bridal lingerie is it’s doesn’t have to be for just for one day. You can wear it any time, anywhere you want to feel special and sexy also be reminded of a very special occasion.


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