A camisole is a sheer undergarment, usually sleeveless, with straps in various forms, in some cases strapless. Camisoles started out as frilly, pristine waist length, made of fine linen, voile, batiste, or silk for evening, to be worn without or under a corset. Traditionally they were pink or cream in colour, wool or silk with lace inserts and ribbon gathered and or trimmed with lace or embroidery. The camisole -also known as chemise, tanks, vests or cami-top – experienced a resurgence in popularity during the 1980’s and well into the 90’s, today it is still a popular and sexy lingerie item.

 The original purpose and design was part of a lingerie layering combination, today it is usually worn under sheer garments, providing some modesty or an extra layer for warmth. Wearing a camisole alone will offer no support unless it is a bra camisole, which has built in support for those figures that require it. Though a camisole is usually worn over a bra – for those that need to – can add a bit more sex appeal, such as showing a little lace with subtly. Though if you want to bare a little more skin, there are designs that are strapless or have a plunging neckline.

Similar to bras, camisoles can be made from various materials and in many designs. Different fabrics present a different effect. Microfiber or charmeuse has a soft texture which is breathable and easy to care for. Lace makes a pretty option for bridal lingerie or any romantic occasion for that matter; silk and satin camis are an opulent, sexy choice and then there is the basic cotton, lycra camisoles for every day practicality. Available in most colours or prints separately or in sexy sets with matching panties, cami knickers or g-string.

 Camisoles are a versatile piece of lingerie with a multi purpose, worn under work wear combines well with sheer or thin tops, providing a little feminity. Paired with tailored pants or skirts camisoles can be worn under suits easily making the transition to evening wear. Combined with a matching pair of panties or g-string, converts well for a romantic rendezvous. Also worn with pyjama pants, camisoles are comfortable enough for sleep wear. 

 Select a camisole with the purpose in mind as with other pieces of lingerie, you will need more than one to meet your wardrobe demand. Choice include strapless, t-shirt, seamless, sheer or lace, bra camisole and a basic version just to name a few. Similarly camisoles have a particular fit and sizing requirement. And the number one rule for lingerie selection is to make sure bulk is minimised, keeping in mind most camisoles don’t come in cup size. Think of them as a slinky sexy singlet and you won’t go wrong; if you can try it on before the purchase failing that talk to the seller about sizing and keep any receipts just in case of a return.



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