Crotchless panties are undies without the crotch part, obviously as the name suggests, though sometimes it is missed named as crutchless, when in fact they are two completely different things. A crotch is the area of the human body where the legs join the trunk so the same applies to panties. Where as a crutch is a support or prop to aid a lame person or a method for clipping wool from around the hindquarters of sheep. So the choice is obvious if you are searching for lingerie where the crotch absent. Unless of course you really do want to find a man with a broken leg hobbling around without a crutch, or see a sheep’s unkempt woolly behind, if that’s your preference. However here is where you’ll read about crotchless lingerie.

          Crotchless panties have been around for quite some time and they seem to get only more popular. They look like regular style panties or knickers from the front or back, but upon closer examination, they definitely are not. Crotchless or Open Crotch Lingerie is very suggestive and brings to mind one thing and one thing only - easy access. But an added bonus from a logistic point of view would be that the easy access would be advantageous for bathroom breaks whilst wearing many layers or a complicated outfit. Those aside crotchless knickers are perfect for those heated intimate encounters, such as surprising your lover at work for a quickie in the office.

They can be worn under dresses, pants, nightgowns or just about anything else without any problems. You don't have to worry about them irritating you or riding up on you. They provide a great option for women who want to be sexy and beautiful but also want to be comfortable. Buying crotchless lingerie will likely be an experience you'll never forget. Choosing where you want to start your collection is a bit more of a challenge. Available in so many different beautiful colors, materials, styles and designs, the choices are endless.

 Crotchless Panty styles include: open crotch thongs, ruffled crotchless panties; lace up crotchless panties, fishnet crotchless panties, lace crotchless panties and crotchless teddies - which can also be with open bust lines and/or open rears. As there are many varying knickers and panty styles there are crotchless versions too. They also can come in a boy short style, a bikini, or a thong, so you are not limited to just one style. There are some styles that come with garter belts to attach stockings to them. Some with camisole or babydoll tops to wear as a complete outfit. Crotchless underwear designs are also available for men, though some care and thought is needed with this option, a good idea may be to shop together for special lingerie.

          There are several reasons why crotchless panties are popular; choice and comfort are just two. You may think wearing a pair of knickers without the usual gusset and crotch would be uncomfortable, but a lot of women will tell you otherwise. These panties are not complicated or hard to wear, so you are likely wear them more than once and for longer than a few minutes. Primarily they are created and worn to arouse and titillate the senses. These panties are the kind that leave little to the imagination but still evoke a lot of imagining or day dreaming – at least on the part of your lover.

 There really are no specific instructions for this kind of lingerie. You just have to go with your instincts; crotchless panties can easily put some intrigue into your bedroom. They are definitely not subtle and that is the beauty of them, they make you feel hot and naughty. This type of lingerie can make a woman feel exposed and vulnerable as access to erotic encounters is not inhibited, yet still achieve a sense of control. Wearing these panties is next to wearing none; wear for the thrill only you and your lover will know wearing crotchless knickers.

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