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Cupless, Peek-A-Boo, Open Cup or Quarter Cup known by many other names and related to similar, a cupless bra is just that, a bra with the cups removed. Definitely not for the timid and shy, as you are putting yourself right out there; and unfortunately not really practical for the more voluptuous women. Just as you would shop for any other bra, size and fit plus support are a factor when making your selection. To be sure, cupless bras are not for everyone, but you have to admit that they are certainly sexy! If you've been thinking of a way to add some excitement back into your love life, this simple little garment might just do the trick!

To get a good idea of what this type of bra looks like, picture a "regular" bra. Now, imagine that the cups of the bra have been removed and that the only fabric left remaining is the outline of the bra, and the straps; all minus any of the fabric that usually holds and cups the breasts. This is what the cupless bra looks like. They are certainly more free spirited than the traditional bra styles.

Choose from vinyl, leather, satin and fabric in a fair selection of styles that will lead you into tasteful temptation. Open cup bras can be great for wearing behind closed doors and even underneath outfits you plan to remove soon. They're not recommended for wear underneath your regular clothes to run errands, go to work, etc.

Bras with open cups or cupless aren't all the same. They're not all basically cupless, as the image that may have sprung to mind may have you believe. You can find several styles, all within the description. Here are a few: Underwire open cup, Sling bra, Nipple less, Demi cup, Silhouette bra, Drop cup, Micro bikini, Bullet bras and Cupless Sets - a bra and panty set in an open cup style. There's very little in the world more erotic than such a pairing. If you're ready to take sexy lingerie to a new level, invest in an open cup style.

Starting from the modest of all the open cup styles, cups still intact for the most part, they're open by a slit right at nipple level. It gives your lover just a sneak peek. Mid range includes, the quarter cup which fully covers the nipple and areola, but it leaves the top portion of the breasts exposed. This bra is perfect for occasions when you want to look sexy, but want support and do not want to overly expose the breasts. To the super-racy, completely cupless one, a risqué and very flattering style and generally worn with low-cut dresses or tops or for that special rendezvous.

Cupless bras are extremely sexy and not for the faint of heart, but if you are searching for that extra something to shake up your boudoir, this may just be your best bet. For those who are looking to add a bit more excitement to their love life, these bras may provide an exciting way of doing just that. Leave nothing to the imagination and are the perfect choice for the woman who knows exactly how to satisfy her own desires.

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