Exotic and Erotic

Exotic and Erotic

What is the difference between Exotic and Erotic Lingerie?

There isn’t much difference. Erotic and exotic are almost interchangeable in terms of lingerie, usually they can be found lumped together in the same category. Though literally the two represent and mean two separate things.

Erotic – arousing sexual passion or excitement: from Eros (Ancient Greek: in Greek mythology, was the primordial god of sexual love and beauty. He was also worshipped as a fertility deity. His Roman counterpart was Cupid, also known as Amor ("love").

Exotic – introduced from abroad i.e. an exotic plant or animal, from the Greek word exo - meaning outside.

Both can be applied to lingerie together and separate. Most lingerie is worn to provoke an erotic response. The same can be said for exotic lingerie; usually the more risqué types of intimate apparel, form-fitting, often transparent or lacey. Majority of women wear and select their lingerie to feel sexy, pretty and attractive to some degree equal to or more so than just practicality, so most lingerie could be considered erotic.

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Erotic lingerie is far more revealing in nature than everyday lingerie, mostly sensual often exotic. To most men the sight of women’s lingerie is sexy; erotic takes it up a notch. Exotic lingerie is something unusual and different from the normal lingerie worn on a daily basis often strangely beautiful when viewing for the first time. It says something more than sexy, expressing that bit more excitement, look at me and adore me now vibe. As with art it is all in the eye of the beholder.

For some the simpler pieces of lingerie can be considered erotic, but for others daring colours and sensual fabrics make for a more erotic response. For some a sexy lacey balconette bra and matching g string are part of their average day wear, so a leather corset with garter and fishnet stocking would be erotic and yet exotic. To the extreme end where would bondage and fetish lingerie fit, and if these were worn everyday as the norm then what would be erotic or exotic? White cotton bra and briefs maybe? It’s all different and personal.

Though hard to separate the two, it can be done. Exotic lingerie can be worn for one’s own personal pleasure, not necessarily to provoke a sensual response from another. Sometime the exotic lingerie is not worn for any other to view; if that is the case then it can defiantly be referred to solely as exotic. Though in most cases, especially when searching online, exotic and erotic lingerie will be found categorized together. By definition an ensemble one would wear to evoke an erotic response and it would be outside their norm, therefore also exotic.

Colour plays a pivotal role in defining sexy lingerie. The standard in most lingerie drawers are skin colour, white and black, searching for erotic and exotic lingerie almost always you will see lots of bright vibrant colours and patterns. Fire engine red says that you know you’re sexy and your loved one should know it or look out. Pretty soft pinks and pastilles have a look a little more demure and shy. When choosing a colour or pattern keep in mind what you have planned.

The same can be said for the style of lingerie, when looking for exotic or erotic you want the lingerie to reveal you and enhance your passionate romantic experience. If you are body conscious think wisely about accentuating and disguising your best and worst bits. As always get the right fit, nothing dampens the ardour than an ill-fitting bustier, or a satin chemise that clings that little bit too much to the wrong places.

Whichever way, Erotic and/or Exotic lingerie can make any experience memorable.


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