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While it's true that it is possible to possess a fetish for just about anything, in common usage, fetish has come to mean a certain subset of sexual practices, including bondage, dominance, submission, sadism and masochism (generally abbreviated to bdsm). Fetish Lingerie is the clothing designed specifically in order to be worn during such practices.This can be any style or appearance in the form of clothing or accessory, created to be extreme or provocative.

Fetish fashions are sometimes mistaken and wrongly identified for costuming, because both are usually understood being clothing that isn't worn because the usual wardrobe of men and women, and is instead worn to produce a certain reaction. Some type of garments that women wear to routinely improve their appearance are thought of as erotic and qualify as fetish wear: corsets and high heels. Most fetish wear is not practical enough for routine daily wear.

These styles are not usually worn by the majority of men and women on any regular basis. They are usually made of materials such as leather, latex or synthetic rubber or plastic, nylon, PVC, spandex, fishnet, and stainless steel. Some fetish fashion items include: stiletto heel shoes and boots, hobble skirts, corsets, collars, full-body latex catsuits, stockings, miniskirt, crotchless panties, garters, locks, rings, eyewear, handcuffs, and stylized costumes.

Fetish wear is usually highly sexualized, commonly black or red in colour, although it may be found in almost any colour. Leather fetish lingerie often includes metal studs and chains as design features, almost any fabric will often feature zippers and press studs in preference to buttons. A very common fetish costume for women is the dominatrix costume. Usually it consists of mostly dark or even black clothing. The woman usually wears a corset or bustier and stockings with high heeled footwear. High boots are quite common as they enhance the woman's domination. Most women in dominatrix costumes carry an accessory such as a whip or a riding crop.

Many fashion designers incorporate elements of the fetish subculture into their creations or directly create products based on elements that are not accepted by the mainstream. Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood created several restrictive BDSM-inspired clothing items for the 1970s punk subculture; in particular bondage trousers, which connect the wearer's legs with straps. The more recent fetish clothing makers House of Harlot and Torture Garden Clothing, Vex Latex Clothing and Madame S of California focus on using latex and leather as the base material for their creations, rather than as an accessory.

If you're planning on engaging in play in your sexy new fetish wear, you're probably also going to want some accessories to go with it. Fetish accessories consists of hoods, masks, blindfolds and handcuffs, collars, nipple clamps, gags, blindfolds and leg spreaders. Ultimately, that decision is a personal one. It's an excellent idea to try to get fetish wear and accessories that go together well – there's nothing that breaks the mood quite so much as that one thing that doesn't fit. The particular items of fetish wear that you want will depend on both the role and what activities you're expecting to participate in, forethought is a must.

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