Fishnet Stockings

Fishnet Stocking: the erotic stockings

When trying for a traditionally sexy look, fishnet stockings are a stable wardrobe must have. Regarded as trashy or unfashionable fishnet stockings have been given a bad reputation. There are occasions that warrant wearing stockings and then there are those other occasions where it is highly appropriate to wear fishnets. Fishnet stockings, especially black, have always been slightly risqué, even slightly indicative of bondage in previous years. But visit any adult costume site today and you'll find them to be a common accessory.

Fishnet are erotic simply because they are so sexy, by design not default. The tease of a leg that is covered and yet not is part of what made them so appealing in burlesque shows during the 19th century and still makes them exciting today. Additionally, the mesh and diamond pattern of the stockings accentuate long and slender legs, giving the curve of the leg more enhancement, appearing that much sexier.

Fishnet stockings are one of the sexiest things a woman can own. Like most erotic items, they do not need to be entirely visible, or worn only in private for that matter; though probably not office appropriate. You can get them in different colours to accentuate any outfit and occasion. Just a hint of stocking and flesh can often do the trick, to give a hint of the erotic. It can be a delicious tease to others and yourself.

Fishnets are traditionally black, which is the most slimming and shaping color the leg can wear, but fire-engine red or hot pink fishnets sends a whole different message. White fishnets will add a touch of erotic to wedding lingerie, and a bride can never have too much sexy lingerie for her trousseau. The basic mesh weave can be made even more alluring with some variations. And attitude. Liven up the look by wearing some contrasting color underneath the fishnets. Or accessorize with garters and suspenders.

The weave itself can be changed, with the standard squares larger or smaller; having different shapes to excite the senses. As the basis of the weave has a resemblance to fishing nets they will always be referred to as fishnet stocking, not matter the varied design. Of course, the more open the weave, the more likely the stockings will snag or tear that much sooner, but they should at least last one night. Which may be all you need them to last.

The more open weave is sexy, it can also make the stockings themselves more awkward to wear. Ladies with not so slender long legs may feel more exposed and fleshy in a bigger weave. With less fabric, they are naturally weaker and will move around on your legs –not comfortable or visually appealing. You can control this in part by using a garter belt with suspenders, which definitely won't hurt the overall appeal.

For special holidays you can find unique and interesting costumes that can be better accessorized with fishnet stockings. An all white ensemble of lace and fishnets can make you into a sexy Christmas angel. Fire engine lingerie trimmed with white marabou, red fishnets teemed with matching pumps and a santa hat for a wilder look. Valentine's Day is always a must for sexy lingerie, but Halloween out ranks all holidays for costume play, there is not many naughty costumes that don't come with fishnets. Sexy nurse or French maid costumes come to mind.

Not usually thought of as the perfect holiday gift, but with a little imagination and spirit of adventure, they can be a lot of fun for almost everyone. Know any Rocky Horror fans? They are a wonderful bridal shower present for a bride that has chosen a theme wedding. They could make fun bridesmaids gifts, purchased in the same colour as the wedding theme. If they have a wild side, they will appreciate such a fun gift. Don't forget to buy some for yourself while you're at it.

It is well known that stilettos accentuate the calves and buttocks. Stands to reason that wearing fishnet stockings with high heels, will be doubly erotic, as the design lengthens the appearance of the leg. Also fishnet stocking with peep toe shoes will show off your toes, so it is good to remember to have beautifully groomed toes. Be sure to tuck the seam under your foot, before putting on your shoe, seams poking out of the opening are not attractive.

For more adventurous and provocative women, leather mini-skirts are great with fishnet stockings and boots or high heels, especially if you have long and sexy legs - this will really work. Every sensual woman should try fishnet stockings at least once in their life, you never know what might happen. With fishnets it is not just the look; it's an attitude that a woman gets while she wears stockings. Also the reactions that another person has when they touch or see the stockings on a woman's legs make them effectively erotic.


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