The G-strings origins and first appearance is hard to pinpoint but it is an obvious progression of panty evolution. First was a loincloth to protect the genitals; then society dictated only men could wear underpants. Eventually society accepted huge bloomers - almost a pair of pants - for women, then fashions changed at the hands of war, dictating limited material uses. So knickers and panties became smaller, then it was only natural for the creation of g-strings and thongs as fashion and design took over from societies constrictions on clothes.

A G-string is much less substantial, being simply two triangles connected with thin bands. An open style of panty where your bottom is open while the front area is completely covered up. Because the connecting bands are very thin you can barely feel them, and it also has no real crotch area which actually makes a G-string very comfortable. Think string, in which the back part and sides are simply a string and you'll see a difference between thong and G-string.

So why is there two camps of women who have such opposite views? How can some people say that G-strings are really comfortable and others swear that they are an uncomfortable, even painful item of underwear? If you're a fan of sexy lingerie then you may well already love G-strings, but many women aren't really familiar with them and misguidedly consider them to be a pain.

There are a few reasons why G-strings are great. If you choose the right style, it might surprise you to hear that G-strings are comfortable. There are several different types of G-strings to choose from, and note that a thong varies from a g-string.

You'll also want to consider the material they're made from. The best choice of fabric is probably synthetic elastic, as it's flexible, breathable and will not get damp like cotton and so protect you from chafing.

Thong and G-string are often interchangeable though there is a subtle difference. A thong is characterized by its thicker waistband and crotch area, but still has the 't-back' where your bottom is exposed. They feel less skimpy than a G-string and a little more supportive, but the waistband can sometimes feel a little uncomfortable at the end of long day if you've been moving around a lot and it has been rubbing. There are two variations of both the thong and the g-string: the T-string and the V-string. It just depends on which letter the piece of fabric in the back most looks like.

Out of all types of sexy lingerie the G-string is perhaps the best at being 'invisible.' The lack of substance also means that it would be almost invisible, hence avoiding any inconvenient visible panty lines. That's why you must consider it if you're set to attend a function or party. Unless of course if you are something extremely tight fitting - then you're probably better off with no knickers at all if you're trying to avoid a visible panty line.

Nothing's less flattering than those tell-tale lines showing under your dress and spoiling your silhouette. To be fair, a thong will also allow you to avoid panty lines, but it can be more visible than a G-string thanks to its meaty waistband. For most special occasion panty lines are something you need to avoid at all costs when wearing a dress or even pants.

One of the main problems that women face when trying to wear a G-string is that they choose the wrong size or style which may then ride up and chafe. This leads to them ending up thinking forever that they are uncomfortable and not for them, but could have been avoided if only they'd bought the right size!

Another concern is whether they are too revealing which can also make the wearer feel uncomfortable. However if you choose the right size, the triangle front won't let you down and will protect your modesty even if you're sitting in a very short skirt.

As with wearing any type of knickers a negative of wearing this type of underwear is that you run the risk of infection in your vagina. This is caused by bacterium that gets trapped in the panty while it is tightly held to the crotch. Infection can however be avoided by wearing cotton g-strings that can breathe and also by regular bathing.

Another reason why many women choose to wear this style of panty is that it is very practical while tanning as you do not have any visible tan lines. Also these panties can be much more comfortable, during the hot summer months, then wearing full panties as they are very lightweight and cover a lot less.

Thongs and g-strings look great when paired with virtually every type of lingerie. Bustiers, chemises, camisoles, babydolls - which almost always come with a matching thong or g-string.

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