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Leather linger has always been an important staple of fetish and bondage wear. It’s tight, uncomfortable and oh-so sexy. Leather, is a very tactile material, like silk providing a sensual, luxurious feel.

It's hard to feel sensual and sexy in an uncomfortable piece of stiff leather, so quality is important to your purchase decision. Also how it looks and feels on your skin, molding to your body and fitting well.

Leather lingerie should be supple and soft – most common leather comes from cowhide; lambskin has a more supple feel. Leather is warmed by your body heat allowing the leather to form fit and adjust to curves. Good quality lingerie will retain its shape, the thinner leather can stretch out of shape.

Be sure your leather lingerie has a natural fibre breathable liner so that your skin has a little breathing room, to avoid stick to your skin or sweat pooling. With any leather purchase following the care and maintenance instructions from the manufacturer should keep your leather lingerie in top shape.

Before you buy, you should know tips:

Handwash is preferable as leather lingerie is as delicate as other lingerie pieces. To keep the fabric soft and supple use a skin friendly leather conditioner - test for any allergies before using. Leather toys and lingerie can be disinfected using a solution of 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

Extreme heat or cold can damage the fabric, always air dry. Never store leather in a plastic, it needs to breathe a natural fibre garment bag is best. The material can become moldy when stored in a damp place for a prolonged period of time.

Sewing leather can be thick in places so sometimes a small amount of rubber cement might be used for a hem or seam. Also a thin coat of clear nail polish to zippers, eyelets, chains, and other metal parts of the garment to protect them from tarnishing.

Oils and chemicals can damage the leather - avoid perfume, body lotion, or body oil near leather lingerie. Water based lubricants should be tested on a small hidden spot before use.

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