Maternity, Nursing Bras

Maternity, Nursing Bras

 First and most important thing about maternity or nursing bras - GET PROFFESIONAL  ADVICE when first timing buying. Be properly fitted and get educated, then you can go to town shopping online. Note: if you feel uncomfortable during the experience in any way, leave and try somewhere else. Not all assistants are the same and you deserve to feel comfortable and respected.

 Breasts change during life and more so during pregnancy, you may need to change sizes and styles a few times during your pregnancy and nursing.  A bra during this time needs to minimise abscesses, mastitis and milk ducts becoming blocked. And still give you comfortable support and help feed a baby and still give you that good feeling you get when you dress.

 Maternity bras usually mean no underwire; soft cups; easy fit; opening system of some sort - if you intend it for nursing. Experiment with different styles and fit, read reviews and descriptions before making what could be an expensive decision.

 Once you understand your needs then you can select styles and colours. As a general rule of thumb selecting your basic colours - black, beige and white - will suffice but it doesn't have to be the end of your lingerie story. During this stage of  your lingerie lifestyle it can be a drag or depressing but maternity bras come in many different styles and colours, lots of makers are now concentrating of style and attractiveness for the maternity market. Dita Von Teese- burlesque performer and fashion star -collaborated on a maternity range with Destination Maternity, designed to capture the spirit of retro glamour.

 The functional part of a nursing bra is to provide easy access to milk supply for baby and support the breasts to prevent any damage to the delicate tissues that are your breasts. Both very important, both need to be considered when buying a bra. If you have never seen a nursing bra in action, look up a video or two or ask other mothers you may know if you can look at one of theirs. Get to know the ins and outs.

 How the bra opens can vary in design, find what suits you. For nursing you need to be able to open it with either hand, you will alternate feeding sides and often have baby in one arm leaving one free to prepare. Practise may sound silly but worth it, you may not always be in private so include trying with clothes over your bra. Worth noting - some bras have a little slide or tag that you can use for keeping track which side you are up to.

 A maternity bra requirements are not necessarily for feeding baby but it does need to support the ever changing breast. You could utilise a sports bra if that is your preference, snug but not too tight soft cup bras can accommodate tender breasts just as well as a specific labelled bra. Some women like to wear bras to sleep, during pregnancy this does become common, it is a personal choice not a 'have to' practice. You want to be comfortable in any situation you are in.

 Pregnant or not a correctly fitting bra is a must.

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