Plus Size

Plus Size

Most people understand women should not be distinguished on the basis of their size and that is why the plus size lingerie category was created, aimed at women who are curvaceous and bootylicious and to put a nice politically correct spin on things. If you are anything above what is considered an average size, you will find problems when it comes to looking for lingerie that can make you feel as sultry, attractive or playful as you would wish. Honestly think about it, "Plus Size Lingerie" is just a label. Where is the label for "Minus Size" or "Size The Media Think You Should Be"? There aren't any, because anyone can call any size plus size, there are no regulations or hard and fast rules as to what to call certain categories of lingerie. And that is what "Plus Size Lingerie" is, a category, that some clever person in the marketing depart somewhere came up with. Great marketing in fact there are 135,000 global Google searches a month for "Plus Size Lingerie" and 4,090,000 a month for "Plus Size". That is too vague and general, searching specific size will yield you a better shopping experience. 

The experience of clothes shopping when you are plus sized is self esteem destroying, depressing and frustrating because your size is always out of stock. Beauty is not skin deep. First, eliminate negative thoughts from your mind about your body and figure. Life does not end if you weigh more than the latest fashion magazine recommends. Secondly, stop being over-critical about your body you are not alone, note how your size is always out of stock.

Don't bother searching plus size anything, be specific and search by your actual size, it is just a waste of your time otherwise. For example I am a 14G bra, where does that fit? I don't consider 14 plus size but G cup certainly is. Remember a bra is determined by two different measurements and is hard to get right without being professionally fitted regularly so how can we expect retailers to label plus size correctly. I consider a retailer worthy of my time if they stock my size, not a "Plus Size" category. So what may be a great lingerie source for you could be dismal to me.

It does not matter if you are size 6, 16, or 26, create a new powerful and sexy self-image for yourself can buy lingerie which is sexy and hot and will make you look and feel great. This doesn't mean that you should simply buy the first piece of lingerie that fits. It should make you feel beautiful and sexy not only o the outside but also within. Only buy lingerie which suits you and your mood perfectly well and also makes you feel comfortable and confident. Take some time to really look at the quality of the garment that you are buying. Does it look sturdy and is it comfortable? If it jabs, pinches or is otherwise uncomfortable, let it go, remember being big does not mean that you can’t be sexy and comfortable.

Some of the most attractive plus size lingerie will come in the form of lace that has been backed with plastic or metal boning; remember that the more metal that your underwear can sport, paradoxically, the more comfortable you will be. This especially comes into play when it comes to looking at a plus size bustier. For instance, you'll find that when you are looking at plus sized bustiers, corsets or bras that the supports that hold it up can be plastic or metal. With this in mind, remember that plastic will soften as it is worn next to the heat of your body and then reshape itself; metal won't do this. Finding lingerie that fits right and is comfortable for curvy ladies can be a challenge. The good news is that it does not have to be. There is no need to settle for plain Jane lingerie when you can find sexy styles that will suit your inner woman. Once you find a brand that suits your body, stock up on some of the nicest styles that will accent your figure.

Another thing to keep in mind when you are looking at lingerie is that you will want to think about what colors will suit you best. Are you a shy and demure person who prefers to show it with white and beige, or do you prefer something a little more devilish and sinister in black or red? Dark and rich colors make plus sizes appear smaller. Black is the all time favorite to reduce appearance of size and is considered a very sexy color. Be careful of red in plus sizes - reds tend to make one appear to look larger. A deep red like burgundy would be ok if you look great in reds. Maybe you simply can't get enough of jewel tones like sapphire and ruby, or maybe you just want to look great in pastels. Take some time to make sure that you are dressing in colors that you find attractive.

One piece lingerie styles also look very sexy in plus sizes. These include teddies, lingerie dresses and baby dolls. Flair styles - especially at the bottom - of these one piece lingerie outfits help to reduce the size of thighs and hips. Who doesn't want to reduce the size in that area? Full-figured women are no longer limited in style, colour or design choices. There are many different colours and styles to choose from that will look fabulous on a curvy body remember one motto "does this lingerie piece compliment my curves" before committing to any purchase. Pick out the lingerie that makes you feel confident and sexy about yourself. It isn't just how the lingerie looks that matters but how you wear it, how you strut it, and how you turn your partner's head while showing off what they are about to get.

It is important for women to feel sexy and beautiful in their own skin, even if they are plus size. The thought of intimate apparel only for skinny women is just something from the past. The fact of the matter is that full figure lingerie can, in fact, be just as sexy and stylish as anything else you will find out there in a smaller size. It is now possible to look and feel like a beautiful model, despite being a plus sized woman. Just because you are not thin does not mean you cannot look fabulous and sexy in lingerie. Shred those granny panties and bra and sizzle with sexy lingerie, have fun. So whatever your size is don't be shy and try some lingerie.