2,460,000,000 search results for the word "sexy" and 25,300,000 for "sexy lingerie", wow that's a lot. Sexy is in the eye of the beholder, what could be sexy to me may not be to you. Sexy is how you feel and sexy lingerie should make you feel sexy. Raunchy, revealing, subtle, lace, sheer, costume, exotic, erotic there are many preferences and definitions of sexy lingerie. Some may find plain white cotton panties and bra sexy, others a full body suit of fur.

          Since lingerie has moved away from just practical and functional, women's style have taken over design and choice. Granted most lingerie is marketed at men and what they would like to see women in, but if a women is not feeling it things will be disappointing.

          Everyone loves to feel beautiful and admired,  sexy lingerie can enhance this feeling. Boost self esteem and build confidence, like getting a new hairstyle or makeover. Sexy lingerie is perfect for different occasions and they can be worn under different outfits, no one needs to know.

          With the advancement in material development, fashion and lingerie has changed. Silks, lace, satin and chiffon create a beautiful texture next to the skin, making these an excellent lingerie material. Relationship changes have also contributed to sexy lingerie being the norm in most boudoirs. Intimate wear promotes good vibes, though dressing sexy shouldn't necessarily be for someone else. It is an individual preference.

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