Sheer chemise and matching panties

Sheer lingerie, is self descriptive, it is lingerie made from sheer - transparent - material. Usually lace, nylon, polyester or soft lycra, can include mesh, fishnet, chiffon and voiles. Due to the nature of the fabric it has little structure or strength, making most sheer lingerie items flimsy, providing minimum support and coverage. Though it can be worn for daily situations, best place for it would be when a touch of eroticism is required.

Eroticism is all about the tease - a little spice of something different. There’s nothing like the tease of a sheer covering to heighten erotic encounters and make fantasieshappen. This lingerie style is very enticing, wearing sheer lingerie fitted right can boost your self esteem instantly make you feel sexy. Sheer panties and matching sheer bra are an excellent choice as they are both seductive and modest at the same time.

Finding the right lingerie for your body shape can be hard, make sure you feel comfortable in anything you are wearing. Try different styles of lingerie and you will know what suits your body and personality best. Anything can make you feel sexy and beautiful, it's up to you. A sheer camisole under your sweater or blouse is a wonderful ego boost. A chiffon chemise can be light and playful, comfortable to sleep in and a touch revealing all at the same time.

With the variety in style, colour and textures every situation is covered.

When buying lingerie also keep in mind the aftercare of your collection. Wash and dry intimate apparel with extra care and it will last a long time. Delicate bras, panties and smaller items wash by hand with lingerie specifically designed soap for or a gentle body wash you would use on your skin. Do not use the dryer. The heat from the dryer can melt the delicate fabrics. Air dry your lingerie.

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