Costume Wigs


For an instant transformation try a wig, change your look outrageously or subtly. Feel glamorous and confident and become a completely different character. Like costumes, wigs are a lot of fun, for everyday wear or a special occasion. A wig can be used to compliment a naughty adult costume or sexy lingerie to spice things up. Wigs can also disguise baldness or hair loss due to medical reasons. Another use seen in modern day society is for men who cross-dress as women; wigs are used to make the men have more feminine hair in all sorts of styles. Your purpose or need for a wig will affect your choice and budget, the more long term the need the better quality you will need. Wigs are available in a wide variety of materials, styles and colours.

Costume wigs can be made from horsehair, human hair, wool, feathers, yak hair, buffalo hair, or synthetic materials. Real human hair can be woven into wigs, although such wigs will often be more expensive. Most wigs nowadays are made from synthetic materials, providing the wig with friendliness for both the eye and camera. Blended wigs are a combination of natural and synthetic hair offering the styling options of natural hair with the greater durability and affordability of synthetic wigs.

Modern costume wigs comprise a broad range of styles and fits. They can be used to disguise or enhance a person’s look. Fantasy costume wigs cover the range of make-believe and fantasy worlds adding a little more spice to any ensemble. Novelty wigs are not as durable as traditional wigs usually made from artificial materials, typically very inexpensive and flimsy synthetics. They cannot be styled with heating tools such as blow dryers or curling irons, which would melt the fibers.


Try a different colour and style costume wig with your special occasion lingerie and experience the excitement. If you want a dramatic, quick and easy transformation, costume wigs are probably your best option rather than an expensive, often permanent hair style from the salon. Which ever your reason for a wig, the selection process is similar to trip to the salon. Choose a style that will suit your skin complexion and shape and you won’t go wrong. Fancy being a blonde for the weekend? Or may be a spicy redhead for a night? Your options are as limited as your imagination.

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